Doug Coil Rife Machines by Cleaner Technologies LLC
Experimental Oscillating Magnetic Field Devices

Cleaner Technologies LLC  241 Brian Lane Dalton, PA 18414
Terry Fitzsimmons 
(570) 910-0013
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Your Purchase will include the following
1 - Capacitor Cabinet
1 - Coil Prewired with 14' cable and connectors
1 - Set of jumpers and cables
1 - CD with operating instructions, photos, precalibrated switch calculator, Other pertinent information

The price for the Capacitor cabinet package is $1000.00 plus Shipping

Shipping, Insurance & Packaging costs within the continental U.S. ranges from $50.00 to  $90.00 +/-

To Complete your Doug Coil System you will need to purchase the following pieces of equipment along with the Capacitor Cabinet:

1. The QSC 1850 HD Amplifier has been Discontinued by QSC and replaced with the more powerful QSC RMX 2450a
We have found the best prices at The published price is $749.00. Nancy Masri can authorize a price of $640.00 including shipping in the U.S. Sales tax applies to orders shipped to N.J.. Her preffered method of contact is e-mail at  Abe's of Maine phone # (800) 992-2237 ex 401 This unit weighs 48 lb so the inclusion of shipping is a great deal

2. The Instek SFG 2004 Frequency Generator can be purchased at the following  supplier at a significant discount:
 Phil Nemicolo at (781) 979-2020 We have a quoted price setup using quote # 20140701PN This quote number will get you a price of $240.00 including shipping in the U.S. Be very clear that this quote includes shipping. charges sales tax for orders Shipped to Ma.

These prices are subject to change, so check around before you buy.

If you prefer, we can arrange to have these items drop shipped to you for an additional charge of $10.00 over the actual purchase price in the U.S.

Machines must be paid for in full prior to shipping. All payments must be received and processed prior to shipment.

We currently accept:
Paypal **To use Paypal there is an additional charge of $30.00 to cover Paypal Fees
Wire Transfers
Business or Personal Checks made payable to Cleaner Technologies LLC
Payment plans
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