Doug Coil Rife Machines by Cleaner Technologies LLC
Experimental Oscillating Magnetic Field Devices

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Technical Info FAQs

Amplifier Connection Power Point (this will take a minute to load)
DCM Operating Instructions



Before operating your Doug Coil System read and understand ALL of steps listed below

Operating Your Doug Coil System 

 Equipment Arrangementplace the amplifier on the bottom, the switch cabinet next, and the freq. gen. on the very top


Operating instructions: Do not allow children to have access to this device while it is in operation or otherwise.The voltage within the cabinet can reach high levels and should be considered to be dangerous.


  1. Before plugging in the amplifier and the frequency generator into an electric outlet, make sure that
  2. The amplifier ON/OFF switch is OFF
  3. The frequency generator ON/OFF (Power) switch is OFF
  4. The three knobs along the bottom are to be turned fully counterclockwise (to the left) IT IS CRITICAL!!!The  "AMPL" knob on frequency generator is the most is turned fully counterclockwise to “MIN” position.  
  5. Plug in the amplifier, and the frequency generator into a 120V outlet (or power strip).
  6. Plug the Frequency Generator cable into the right port  labeled "Output 50 Ohms" on the front of the generator 
  7.  Plug the coil wire plugs into the binding post sockets on the right side of the of the switch cabinet.
  8.  Move the coil at least 6 feet (2 m) away from all other electronic devices, including the am plifier and frequency generator.  The magnetic field made by the coil can damage electronic equipment by inducing electric current to flow through circuits. 


            Perform the following steps in this order:


               Frequency generator ;

            1.  Push Power” button on the bottom left of the front.
  2.  Press the number buttons for the frequency you want to run – then push the gray button that has Hz on it (it’s just to the
 Right of the number buttons)
                  The MHz and KHz buttons are never used with a coil    machine. 
 3.  Use the “Wave” button to choose the sine curve icon on the display. This icon looks like a sideways S.
              If you press the
 Wave button repeatedly you will see three different symbols appear and disappear. The sideways “S” is the symbol on the left               
4.  Press the “Shift” button you will see the word “Shift” appear in the display. Then press the number 8 button you will
The word “Shift will disappear and -20db will appear 
              On the display

           All of these settings are automatically saved when the frequency generator is turned off.  The frequency you set must match the switches you turn on or the coil machine will not     

               Switch Calculator Program

               The program is on the supplied CD it is used to determine which of the toggle switches you must turn on (Flip in the up position) to obtain the frequency you want –.
               To use the Switch Calculator;        

            1. Open the folder named switch calculato
 2. Click on the icon with three colored cube
 3. When the grey box appears type the frequency you wish to run in the white field
 4. Then use your mouse arrow to click the “calculate” button. 
5. You will see the switches that are to be turned on in two formats. The first is 2 rows of grey boxes arranged like the switches on the cabinet with
 check marks in the box next to letter of the switch (s) to be                    turned on ( Flipped Up)    
                There is also a grey field in the lower
portion of the calculator which will list the switches that are to be turned on
 6. Set the correct switches on the capacitor cabinet as show in the calculator to the “on” position


            1. Push the rocker switch on – a fan will start inside the amplifier. 
2. Turn both gain knobs on the amplifier ALL THE WAY clockwise (to the right) until they stop
              3.  Carefully  and SLOWLY turn the  "AMPL" knob on frequency generator clockwise until  the panel meter shows 13 amps. The  amperage increases quickly so watch the meter.
DO NOT EXCEED   14  amps! 
                Be sure  to view the mete
from a direction perpendicular to the face of the meter.(Below frequencies of 150 Hz and above 2000 Hz, the meter might not be able to reach 13 amps
                so operate with the highest amperage you can get . 
Turning up the “AMPL”  knob too quickly is equivalent to a large electric surge And may destroy capacitors  inside the switch cabinet. 
               The “AMPL” knob adds very large voltages (push of the current)    into the capacitors,
 so turn the knob in a gradual manner and not in an abrupt jump.


           The coil machine is now operating.  For lower frequencies the coil hums loudly.  If your hearing is sensitive you may want to use earplugs when the coil machine is turned on.
It is normal for the amplifier to turn on and off during operation if you are operating above 13 amps, since it needs to cool but  if you operate the machine at 13 amps you will very likely
         never have the amp do this.  This is a built-in overheating
 protection system but it was not intended that the amp stop frequently, just occasionally to avoid overheating.  
        You will
 also hear the built-in cooling fan of the amplifier run faster after a few minutes of operation.   You can reduce heating of the amp and  the coil by not exceeding 13 amps on the
         Panel Meter
         A  good indicator of not overloading the system is if the
fan in the  amplifier begins the higher speed (it is louder) at 4 to 5 minutes.  It is normal for coils to get warm or hot but if 
         you smell hot plastic fumes then you should allow the coil to cool before proceeding.


      A. Turn "AMPL" knob (on signal generator) all the way to the left (counterclockwise) to “Min” setting. THIS IS A CRITICAL STEP

      B.  Turn the two “Gain” knobs on the amplifier all the way to the left (counterclockwise)

     NEVER FLIP ANY CAPACITOR SWITCHES on or off  unless you have completed A and B
     Flip all toggle switches off (Down)  and then set the correct switches for the new frequency –
Be sure to enter the new frequency into the frequency generator.

      To turn the machine OFF

         Turn "AMPL" knob fully counterclockwise and turn both amplifier gain knobs fully counterclockwise. Turn off frequency generator first and then the  amplifier – if it is hot to warm, let it cool 
        before turning off.


         In thunder and lightning storm season it is good practice to unplug the coil machine from the wall outlet.

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